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Preliminary / Introduction : By accessing and use of the site, user acknowledge that user has read and understood, and agree to the terms and conditions below. Terms and conditions may change from time to time without any prior notification.

Terms Of Use

When visiting and using site, including every feature and service, every users are required to comply with the following site requirements:

  1. Users must be at least eighteen (18) years old, or married, or who already have legally recognized requirements including in the category of adult user / free from child protection law.
  2. This site access is only allowed to necessity and interests of shopping and related information with this service site.
  3. Users are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, display, sell, rent, send, remake the products, translate, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, unravel or exploit site
  4. Users are not allowed to load and publish that content :
    • Which against any copyright, patent, trademark, or other proprietary rights.
    • Threatening, obscene, not appropriate, pornography or anything may caused any obligation of civil or criminal law of Indonesia or International law.
    • Containing bug, virus, worm, door trap, Trojan horse, or any code and other dangerous properties.

Intellectual Property Rights

PT. Elektra Daya Integra is the sole owner or the legitimate holder of all rights to the site and content site All of the contents that contained in site includes intellectual property rights that protected by copyright law and laws that protect other intellectual property prevailing throughout the world.


This site contains to the other link’s site that is owned and operated by third parties. Please be informed, we have no responsible for operating or other content which located on the site.


  1. The price which listed in site exclude delivery charges. Freight rates or courier will be confirmed by Administrator. For online purchase through shopping cart will be proceed after the payment received through Bank Account  behalf PT. Elektra Daya Integra.
  2. Every product which purchased from is equipped with a warranty period which be adjusted with factory’s warranty for each product.
  3. The item which has been purchased can not be returned or exchange with other item, unless there is an agreement first with PT. Elektra Daya Integra.


If there is mistype about the price or wrong Information about a certain product which caused by error typos in any certain condition, Elkadaya has the right to refuse or cancel the wrong price orders including the order which already paid.

Availability of Goods

Our Staff will be glad to confirm about every product and also the lead time that shows in if our products are available and ready to be ordered. We believe in this way, we can keep our best selling price to our customer.

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