Training CITI ( Corona Inspection Training Institute)

Training CITI ( Corona Inspection Training Institute)

21 February 2019
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We are pleased to inform and invite you to join to the Training CITI ( Corona Inspection Training Institute) to be held on 9 -11 Sept 2019 at Jakarta.

UViGraphers are skilled corona-camera operators that are involved with predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance is based on data collection and  analysis  and  is  considered  to  be  the  most cost effective and reliability-oriented approach. UViGraphers contribute to achieve this strategy since they collect data. They can see signals that help  foresee  failures.  Decisions  are  based  on their reports.  Awareness and proficiency are key factors to their success. Awareness is the outcome of using corona cameras, and proficiency is the outcome of experience and knowledge. CITI is where knowledge is obtained from experienced professional instructors.


  • CITI is the only establishment that deals thoroughly with corona and qualifies with a diploma corona inspection specialist called UViGrapher
  • Knowledge and practice are the base for proficiency.
  • Skilled workforce is valuable
  • Professionals contribute to success
  • Make the most of your corona camera
  • Become a certified UViGrapher

Please contact us for Registration and further information. Don’t missed! or you can Register Here

Location: Jakarta
Date: 9 -11 Sept 2019

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