Cable Fault Locator ISKRA-3M
Cable Fault Locator ISKRA-3M

Cable Fault Locator ISKRA-3M

High Voltage Test & Diagnostics

The device allows:

  • To prelocate and to find the distance to a cable fault or discontinuity point by using the location (reflectometrical) method for symmetrical and asymmetrical cables
  • To measure the length of cables (including that in reels and coils) or the distance to the point of rupture or short circuit
  • To save in memory, to store and to process the measurement results
  • In conjunction with Surge Wave Generator or as a part of cable test van, to measure distance to a cable fault in cables up to 12km long by all kinds of damages without using complete insulation per-burning.
  • The device allows to save 4 measurement groups (up to 15 � reflectograms in each) in the built-in nonvolatile memory, as well as to save them in a computer for further analysis and recording (as an option).

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Product Information

High voltage oscillographic reflectometer Iskra-3M is designed for precise cable fault prelocation. Without this the knowledge of the fault point is not or only limited known. A good pre-location can determine the fault position within a few percent of the cable length. Resulting the boundaries of the fault are set, and the required time for the pinpointing is reduced to a few minutes. This saves working time, and keeps the stress level for the cable and its armatures low. Established only in 2005, DET (DneproEnergoTechnologii Ltd) already achieved significant results in manufacturing high voltage, high current testing and measuring equipment, equipment for cable fault location, insulating liquids testers for years, becoming a regional leader. Their clients are: energy generation and distribution companies, power plants, power utility companies and substations. Company DneproEnergoTechnologii (DET) practices individual approach to each client, dealer, representative and partner. They are in professional relationships with all their customers due to close cooperation and responsible approach to business. During the years DET accumulated vast experience in production many kinds of equipment for customers from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Description


Maximum measured distance to the damage place, km


Minimum measured distance to the damage place, m


Measurement resolution, meters


Parameters of high voltage monitoring pulses at a load of 30 Ohm:
range, kV

from 3 to 25

acceleration time, µs, max


pulse duration, µs, max


Parameters of low-voltage monitoring pulses at a load of 30 Ohm:
range, V, min


acceleration time, µs, max


pulse duration, µs

0.03 - 10

Maximum operating voltage of the pulse voltage sensor, kV


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