Breakdown Voltage Oil Tester UIM-90
Breakdown Voltage Oil Tester UIM-90

Breakdown Voltage Oil Tester UIM-90

High Voltage Test & Diagnostics

Main features:

  • UIM-90 (218) and UIM-90 (220) portable oil test sets perform breakdown voltage tests on transformer oil and other liquid dielectrics.
  • Fully automatic test sequence
  • Interconnection with PC via Bluetooth UIM-90 (220)
  • Internal stirring
  • Results storage UIM-90 (220)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Manual mode, pre-programmable

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Product Information

Established only in 2005, DET (DneproEnergoTechnologii Ltd) already achieved significant results in manufacturing high voltage, high current testing and measuring equipment, equipment for cable fault location, insulating liquids testers for years, becoming a regional leader. Their clients are: energy generation and distribution companies, power plants, power utility companies and substations. Company DneproEnergoTechnologii (DET) practices individual approach to each client, dealer, representative and partner. They are in professional relationships with all their customers due to close cooperation and responsible approach to business. During the years DET accumulated vast experience in production many kinds of equipment for customers from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Description

Value UIM-90 (218) / UIM-90 (220)

Breakdown voltage max. measuring value (rms)

90 kV

Testing voltage rising speed

2 kV/s

Breakdown voltage measuring value

+/- 3% of full scale

Test vessel volume

400 ml

Power consumption, max

0.5 kVA

Gap between electrodes

221 mm

Supply voltage

210V - 235V


50 (60) Hz

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Shockproof on multiple shocks:
Peak shock acceleration (m x sec²)

30 m x sec²

Dimensions, mm, max


Weight, kg, max


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