UV Corona Camera
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Predictive Maintenance

Infrared Window
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Predictive Maintenance

HV/EHV Safety Tools
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Safety Tools for HV/EHV

Oil Processing Equipment
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Maintain Transformers Equipment

High Voltage Test & Diagnostics
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High voltage, high current testing and measuring equipment; Equipment for cable fault location

Auxiliary Relays
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Tripping relays

UAV Systems (UV & IR)
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Unmanned Aerial Systems

ELKADAYA PT Elektra Daya Integra

We are an Authorized Distributor Company of reputable Manufacturer which have specialized in Predictive Maintenance (PdM), HV/EHV SAFETY Tools, and Power Test Equipment & Protection. Established 2009, ELKADAYA commit to provide advance technology & world-class quality for customer satisfaction.

BRANDS Our Principals

Worldwide major power test equipment and high quality Manufacturers. They gained a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability & innovation. Principals employs highly skilled and dedicated work force to meet customer satisfaction.


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News & Events Manufacturing Testing Switch

Manufacturing Testing Switch

Ofil's corona cameras are made with proprietary UV filters and high sensitivity sensors. All systems are strictly tested for solar blindness and have CE certificates.

News & Events New Flir Ex-XT Infrared Camera With MSX & WI-FI

New Flir Ex-XT Infrared Camera With MSX & WI-FI

FLIR Ex-Series cameras are powerful troubleshooting tools for building, electrical, and mechanical applications. With resolution options up to 320 × 240 infrared pixels and the ability to accurately measure temperatures from -20°C to 550°C/-4°F to 1022°F (E6-XT with Wi-Fi and E8-XT with Wi-Fi), the Ex-Series has models to fit your target size, working distance, visual detail needs, and budget.

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